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Our Mission is to enhance performance and improve productivity of organizations and  individuals through Consultation, Training, and Coaching.

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 Our Mission is to enhance  performance and improve  productivity of  organizations and  individuals through  Consultation, Training,  and Coaching.
Consulting: E-Marketing 
Innovative Leadership of the Delaware Valley

Whether you're a bookstore, a nonprofit, a wine consultant, or an accountant, you need a steady stream of business, referrals, or response from the people that keep your doors open. Email Marketing lets you stay in touch - and stay connected - with your customers. Constant Contact allows you to send engaging emails that push more traffic to your website through click throughs. You get a full report of who clicked what, gaining valuable knowledge of what your customers are looking for.

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That starts with staying in regular communication with your audience. When you build an ongoing dialogue with them, you increase the trust and comfort level they have with you. They look forward to hearing from you. It becomes second nature for them to think of you. You'll stay top of mind with them!

As a result of your email marketing, they will be come more loyal to you, spend more, donate more frequently, and be more likely to refer you to their friends and colleagues.

Email Marketing Checklist

  • Visit Constant Contact to set up your free 60-day trial account.
  • Go to Constant Contact and click on Learning Center and attend a 45 minute product tour to learn how to create email campaigns and online surveys. 
  • Import your existing email addresses into Constant Contact and start collecting email addresses wherever you interact with your customers and prospects.
  • Create your first email campaign and send it to your list.
  • Call Innovative Leadership, 609-390-2830, to speak to our Constant Contact Consultant. We will help you create and manage an e-marketing campaign for your business, or nonprofit.



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