Experienced consultants working toward meeting the emerging demands placed on their business in today’s competitive environmentA unique adult learning format designed to increase productivity, enhance performance, and engage employees with the company’s strategyDesigned for the busy Executive, business owner, manager or sales person to achieve work-life balance, and reach personal and business goalsProfiles and Instruments designed to compliment your hiring & selection, leadership & career development, and communication processes

“Your personalized coaching approach starting with each individual’s strengths and weaknesses was just what the doctor ordered!” – Mark Richardson, President of Home MediService Inc.


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Effective Leadership Development Program

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Marmora, NJ


Our Mission is to enhance performance and improve productivity of organizations and  individuals through Consultation, Training, and Coaching.

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 Our Mission is to enhance  performance and improve  productivity of  organizations and  individuals through  Consultation, Training,  and Coaching.
Coaching: Executive 
Innovative Leadership of the Delaware Valley

A recent study of 100 executives, mostly from Fortune 1000 companies, by Manchester, Inc. concludes that a company's investment in providing coaching to its executives realized an average return on investment (ROI) of almost six times the cost of the coaching. The coaching programs were a mix of both change-oriented coaching (changing certain behaviors or skills) and growth-oriented coaching (focused on sharpening performance).

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With our Executive Coaching Program, you will be able to fine tune your skills, both personally and professionally.  Many executives feel isolated and restrained and seek an environment where they can share their most private concerns or business issues that need to remain private.  Innovative Leadership’s Executive Coaching Program will provide you with just that.

You will experience a non-threatening environment in which to explore options, brainstorm ideas, share personal concerns, gain clarity, and focus on “What Matters Most”. 

Our Executive Coaching Program utilizes a systematic methodology of assessment and inquiry that encourages executives to answer questions that will help you, the executive, find a solution through a rigorous process of awareness, planning, implementation and results-orientation.

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