Experienced consultants working toward meeting the emerging demands placed on their business in today’s competitive environmentA unique adult learning format designed to increase productivity, enhance performance, and engage employees with the company’s strategyDesigned for the busy Executive, business owner, manager or sales person to achieve work-life balance, and reach personal and business goalsProfiles and Instruments designed to compliment your hiring & selection, leadership & career development, and communication processes

“The Effective Personal Productivity and Effective Communication Workshops were quite helpful in taking each of our employees to the next level.” – Mark Richardson, President of Home MediService Inc.

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Effective Leadership Development Program

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Marmora, NJ


Our Mission is to enhance performance and improve productivity of organizations and  individuals through Consultation, Training, and Coaching.

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 Our Mission is to enhance  performance and improve  productivity of  organizations and  individuals through  Consultation, Training,  and Coaching.
Training: Workshops 
Innovative Leadership of the Delaware Valley

Interviewing Skills Workshop

Our Workshop teaches business owners, managers, and professionals how to excel in an interviewing environment. We believe that interviewing skills can be learned and these skills make interviewing a science, not an art. The premise behind our Interviewing Skills Workshop is that the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in similar situations. Some believe that this type of interviewing is over five times more predictive of future behavior than traditional interviewing.

  • Learn key planning & preparation methods
  • View and participate in a role-play scenarios
  • Learn the Seven Steps for Conducting a Successful Interviews
  • Receive a Complimentary Behavioral Interviewing Action Plan for Immediate Use with Your Next Interview 

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The Employee Engagement Series

High levels of employee engagement are linked to superior business performance. We help people find meaning in their work by helping them better understand themselves and their co-workers; plus we show them how to develop better work relationships. People who have these skills and understand how what they are doing contributes to the overall success of the company are truly engaged. Gallup Study finds passionate workers more likely to drive organizations forward. Click to Explore Workshops: DiSC Work for Leaders, DiSC for Managers, DiSC Workplace, DiSC for Sales: STOP SELLING

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Engaged employees are committed, help outperform your competition, work towards organizational goals, and stay at their job longer. It takes the full burden off of you. Contact us here, or call 609.390.2830 to see how this series can help your business grow, one employee at a time.

Everything DiSC Work for Leaders

  • Uses the framework of Vision, Alignment and Execution to understand how they impact your effectiveness
  • Allows reflection on how the leader approaches each step of their work and discussion about the team and company.

Everything DiSC Management

  • Learn about your strengths and challenges as a manager
  • Focuses you on how you direct, delegate, motivate and develop others
  • Learn how to adapt to meet the needs of the people you manage

Everything DiSC Workplace

  • Discover yourself and learn to understand others
  • Build more effective relationships in the workplace
  • Learn how to work with similarities and differences

Everything DiSC Sales

Can you imagine your customer asking you permission to buy something from you? This program teaches you how behavioral understanding, trust, and emotions can be integrated to produce the desired results. It focuses on the  emotions of buying, building trust, and  the importance of the long-term relationship.  Learn More (PDF)

  • Improves your communication skills
  • Enables you to maintain clients for life
  • Reduces the stress associated with normal selling technique
  • Uses a specific assessment process to develop your listening skills
  • Helps develop understanding of how to allow the customer to tell you how, when, and what they want to buy

 Popular Workshops

  • Leadership – Leaders are Made not Born
  • Teambuilding – Learn to Make your Team more Functional!
  • Communication – Learn how an understanding behaviors can improve the work environment
  • Interviewing Skills – Behavioral Interviewing Techniques with Action Plan Development
  • Everything DiSC Management – Learn improve your management skills using your behavioral strengths
  • Everything DiSC Sales – How to Build Better Relationships!
  • Everything DiSC – Work of Leaders – Learn how your behaviors drive your leadership competencies!
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Time Management – Personal Productivity Development
  • Coaching for Success!
  • Building Trust  - Learn the behaviors and cores values that elevate trust in an organization
  • Team Effectiveness – learn how the role of individuals can enhance results
  • EMC – Learn how better engage, motivate and communicate with your team members to produce better results!

Leadership for Women

There is no better time to focus on women and the remarkable strides they have made in the last century and continue to make. The 21st century does indeed belong to women! Women will make more progress using their full potential in the next 50 years than they have in the last 500.

This course helps women in leadership to develop a written and specific Plan of Action for success ……in your personal and business life!  Register Now or Call Ellen for more detail 609-390-2830!

  • Learn to Lead with Authenticity
  • Clarify Personal Goals and How They Fit in with Your Whole Life
  • Become a Total Person
  • Soften Image While Maintaining Your Air of Authority
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We offer many different workshops. Please call us so that we can assess your needs and find which workshop will fit best.

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